2016! ( Finally )

Olivia means May of 2016! (Finally)… Actually, she created this draft at the beginning of the year, and I didn’t know it was there until today. It has been a really busy year, but please rewind read on to see what we’ve accomplished… 

Here it is… FINALLY! 2016 is here. I always love the new year. Mostly because I like to see all the new things coming out. Like the new American Girl Girl of the year dolls. Because we don’t have enough with the 785 we have… (Maybe that’s the only new thing I want to see…) Anyway 2016 is also the year we get a new president. Not looking good for that right now, either.  I also graduate from 5th grade and start 6th grade this year. Not ready. Not ready.  I also want to start gymnastics this year. And, I want to start being organized and proactive…  My New Years resolution is to get the lead in a play. DONE. Narrator AND Goose in Charlotte’s Web!  My other resolution is to post on this blog more often. Let’s be honest, you might have a better chance if you do this on your own! This year I’m also going to save my money for Lea Clark, the girl of the year for American Girl. Because everybody needs 786 American Girl dolls… I really hope this year is  going to be awesome! Crazy thing is that it already is!

– Liv & Julie

Movie Review #2: The Peanuts Movie!


Yay! Another movie review. Wow I thought we wouldn’t make another one of these….That’s because I don’t have the patience to sit through a movie unless it stars Daniel Craig… Speaking of Daniel Craig, check out these movie posters. They are hilarious.

Anyway I’m just gonna START with the cookies. Hello…you shouldn’t give away the movie rating this early in a review! Now, now one has to read any further… I’m going to give it 5 out of 5 cookies. I’m saving my rating for the end of the post to entice our readers to read more. It was an adorable movie. She’s right. Totes adorbs.

flying-ace-red-baronThe only part that I didn’t really like was when Snoopy had all his action scenes. Of course she doesn’t like the nostalgic part of Snoopy as the Flying Ace vs. The Red Baron. Kids these days… You know the flying scenes. I always thought it was interesting that Snoopy’s dog house doubled as a plane… Anyways it was kind of boring. But, it was also a love story. Snoopy and Fifi forever.

The rest of the movie was great though! 😊 It really, really was! It was super funny and the characters were perfect. Especially the Little Red-Haired Girl, Pig Pen, and Frieda, the girl with naturally curly hair! They were almost exactly like the ones in the comics. Except they were in a movie, and it was totally fun to watch.

Overall it was a great movie! It was funny, sweet, and full of great life lessons. Best of all, in true Julie and Olivia fashion, we both cried. I officially agree with O and give it 5 out of 5 cookies. Next up for me, Spectre…


Hello world! I am creating a blog!!!! I am doing this with the help of my mom. IT IS GOING TO BE SO EXCITING!!! :):):)

Thank you for looking at my blog. It means so much to me :’) ( tears of joy ) I will write about my life and fun things not boring things like, ” I ate an apple today” I will try to make this fun for both you and me. So expect more things in the future and make sure to look because I assure you will regret it if you don’t

– Liv